Theme & Symbolic Wedding

The Theme Weddings are based on the theme that you select for your wedding, which will be the axis of the rest of the organization, such as the suppliers that we have, the style, decoration and services in general. The selection of a theme makes the rest of the elements conditioned and their definition and organization becomes easier, like for example, hearts, butterflies, white & black theme, seasons of the year like summer, fall, etc. In case you don´t have any special theme in mind, or else a meaningful idea; with us you will find many options that will be of great help for this very memorable day.

Symbolic Weddings are dedicated to the carrying out of spiritual and humanist ceremonies. They are perfect for couples that are looking for a different alternative to a religious ceremony and that desire a ceremony with significance and identity. The ceremonies are completely adaptable to the personality of each couple, to their preferences, personal traditions, beliefs and needs. They are original celebrations, emotional and romantic. We will make your memorable day something unique, giving you unforgettable options such as the Sand Ceremony.