Catholic Wedding

Within the catholic religion, the marriage has a spiritual meaning and a connection with God. It is a sacrament that legitimizes the union and it makes it an eternal tie. For believers, making this sacrament is the physical expression of love, fidelity and of their indissoluble union. That is why, the bride and groom will turn themselves over to their love with the same strength in which Jesus gave Himself over on the Cross and they will receive the blessing as husband and wife.

Understanding the meaning that this ceremony has for the religion is crucial to be conscious of the conditions of the most important “yes” of their lives. Even though this should be the main motivation to get married by the Catholic Church, many couples add other reasons according to their beliefs and needs. Always be filled with thoughts of love during the planning and keep taking each other into account to select each of the details of your grand day. We will make this moment PERFECT!